So THESE are the shoes everybody is about to go nuts about today trying to buy in the stores? I wonder if people understand these came out years ago, Jordan wore them back in the 90s to give you a perspective for how “old” they are. All he does is cycle his shoes. Yet people are about to go crazy in the mall today, starting 2012 off in debt before it even begins…all for some overpriced ($180) shoes that will “come back out” 5 yrs from now and be an even higher price. And then they’re just black and white? -__- how much more mundane can you get….I could understand just a little more (not really) if they at least had color in them. It’s shameful what black people will do for the latest pair of Js nowadays. You can’t knock his hustle. Michael Jordan is a master businessman for what he’s doing with his shoes. He has complete control over the black market. Supply and demand at it’s finest…


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