This is taken from my other blog, but it was so inspiring to me I’d thought I’d share it on here too….

So I got a new bracelet today. The transliteration is “Pure Life” but the translation is “Everything’s great”. Being over here has not only been a relaxing break from the daily grind in Chapel Hill but it’s also been incredibly enriching as well. The Costa Rican culture is very laid-back and care free anyways, but taking this immersion has already been great for personal reflection (Thank you again Mr. Mur’ray, Señora Rodriguez and all the faculty and staff at Kenan-Flagler for giving me this amazing opportunity).

I’m SOOgratefulblessed to just be at UNC, let alone abroad in Heredia for spring break. I’ve remixed my new favorite phrase, Pura Vida, to read “Feelin Good, Livin’ Better”, because this is exactly how I feel. So many wonderful opportunities and people have been placed in front of me this semester, and I’m just very thankful to be a Tar Heel. I’ll be President of the Carolina Sport Business Club next year, I’ve been offered an internship with the Charlotte Bobcats this summer, and I’m going to China for 12 days in May thanks to Kenan-Flagler. There’s no other way to describe all these except blessed and highly favored.

I can’t wait to get back to the States and tell all my friends and family about my trip! More to come later tonight about my exciting day thus far. I just came back from a city tour of Heredia following 3 hrs of Spanish class at Intercultura. We’re headed to dancing and cooking classes a little later!

!Hasta luego y Pura Vida!


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