Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Peace


“Life is a collection of questions…or at least the ones that we choose to acknowledge. Within those questions that we choose to acknowledge we answer them because we feel the need to. And in those answers we define our own meaning: we who are, what we stand for, who we are as people or individuals. And that’s how we celebrate our individuality. And you would think our individualities are what separate us. But on the contrary we all answer the same basic, simple questions for ourselves. And that’s why I wrote [Candles in the Sun].” 

Unless you’ve heard him say this live or you’re familiar with his song, you may not know or even care to know who Miguel is.

A popular recording artist, Miguel has inspired millions across the world with his music and recent album Kaleidoscope Dream. What inspired me this morning was the inspiration behind some of Miguel’s song. It’s one thing to hear great music but I think we all develop emotional connections to songs either by hearing them in a particular place, at a particular moment in our lives or simply from hearing from the artist themselves why they wrote what they wrote.

I had a stark revelation I had this morning: asking more questions can in fact leads us to more answers. By answers I don’t necessarily mean a progression towards something. Sometimes, depending on our circumstances, our “answer” is in fact another questions. To some this is an annoying oxymoron. To others enjoying the process of becoming is what life is all about. Either approach is fine. It’s all a matter of perspective.



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