Fear, Failure, Fortitude and Faith: What I’ve Learned Through 3 Years at UNC

“I speak at college commencements, and I tell everyone I’m up there and they’re down there, not because of my successes, but my failures. Then I proceed to spin all of them off—a comedy record album that sold two copies in Beirut…a sitcom that lasted about as long as a donut in our house…a Broadway play that never saw Broadway…book signings where I attracted two people: one who wanted directions to the restroom and the other who wanted to buy the desk.

What you have to tell yourself is, ‘I’m not a failure. I failed at doing something.’ There’s a big difference…Personally and career-wise, it’s been a corduroy road. I’ve buried babies, lost parents, had cancer, and worried over kids. The trick is to put it all in perspective…and that’s what I do for a living.”

~Erma Bombeck



The above quote, along with just personal reflection this morning inspired me to write about my last 3 years as a UNC undergrad. Check it out below on my new site, “Minutes Away Myles Ahead,” a digital platform I created to showcase the world’s difference makers.


Fear to Faith: Lessons of Failing Forward from a Twentysomething Alabama Tar Heel



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