Reason No. 21460 Why You Should Come Live in Alabama

(via @aldotcom) —

Alabamians work, sleep and pray more than the rest of the country.

A well-respected survey found that folks in Alabama work longer, make sure to get a full night’s rest and always find time to pray.

The American Time Use Survey found that Alabama residents get on average 9 or more hours of sleep, a stark contrast with the rest of the country that apparently doesn’t get as much shut-eye.

In addition to catching some z’s, Alabamians are more likely to spend a great deal of time on personal grooming. People in states in the deep south spend 45 minutes getting ready, according to the data.

Residents also spend more time working than the rest of the country, clocking in at more than eight hours a day, the data shows.

Finally, the south jumped off the map for time spent on religious activities with an average of 17 minutes per day.


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